West Michigan Academy of Arts & Academics

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

The curriculum at WMAAA in grades K thru 4 is based on the concept of arts' integration. At the Academy we seek intentional ways to integrate arts into core academic subjects. The purpose of integration is to develop a deeper understanding of a concept and reinforce it through dance, drama, art, music, or instrumental music.

Curriculum Guides

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade

5th - 8th Grade

The arts' program in grades 5 thru 8 takes on a more traditional elective-based program. Students choose a focus area (e.g. dance, drama) and approximately one third of their elective classes address that discipline. Students hone their skills in this art form while completing a full class schedule of math, science, language arts, history, and additional electives.

Curriculum Guides

5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Special Education

WMAAA utilizes a combination of Response to Intervention and Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses in determining the presence of specific learning disabilities. Guidance provided by the Ottawa Area ISD can be found here: SLD Guidance

Child Find Process: Any individual from birth through age 25 who is suspected of having a disability and is not receiving public education is encouraged to phone the special education coordinator at WMAAA-(616) 844-9961. Parents and others may phone on behalf of children. The individual must be enrolled at WMAAA, a public school academy.

Section 21f Online Learning

Section 21F of the State School Aid Act expands access to online learning options for students in Michigan. This legislation enables public school students in grades 5-12 (with the consent of parent or guardian) to enroll in up to two online courses during an academic term.

Beginning in January 2014, students may select online course offerings from their local district online catalog or from those available in a statewide catalog of online course titles. Districts will be required to pay the costs of online course enrollments for their students based on their foundation allowance or per pupil payment.

Steps to Enroll

1. Parent requests course from WMAAA Director or Assistant Director. Courses are selected from the Michigan Online Course Catalog MiCourses. Course costs cannot exceed $597/course.

1a. Course descriptions for middle school level courses through Michigan Virtual can be found here:
Language Arts
Social Studies
World Languages

2. Parents review the Parent Guide to Online Learning.

3. Student prints and completes the Technology Skills Inventory.

4. WMAAA then reviews the course syllabus of the selected class to determine if an appropriate level of rigor is present. WMAAA will also check the connectedness to current curricular offerings to determine if the online course is commensurate with in-school offerings. All courses will need to be completed with a minimum of 70% accuracy to earn credit.

4a. All approved online courses will result in the removal of one in-school course. All online courses will be taken at WMAAA under the supervision of a certified teacher.

5. All parties meet to discuss the findings of steps 1 through 4.

6. WMAAA renders a decision on the appropriateness of the online course and whether it meets rigor requirements, course content requirements, and fulfills 8th grade promotion requirements as defined by WMAAA.

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