COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus Covid-19 Information 


Current local public health orders require that “Schools must provide public notice to the school community in a highly visible location on the school’s website that outlines the school’s COVID-19 prevention strategies for the 2021-2022 school year by completing the COVID-19 Prevention Strategy for Schools Form. Public notice must be published no later than August 27, 2021. The school must notify the school community and the OCDPH of any subsequent changes in the school’s COVID-19 prevention strategies by indicating revision date and revision history in the COVID-19 Prevention Strategy for Schools Form”.

WMAAA COVID-19 Prevention Strategies Form



WMAAA utilizes Mindfulness strategies in all of our classrooms and in small group settings with the the help of our Behaviourist, Heather Pease.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment to thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with full acceptance.

Additional Resources

Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness 


Covid-19 Communications

Dear WMAAA Families: 

Tonight, on March 12, 2020 at 11:00 PM, the Governor and State Superintendent issued a state-wide closure for all schools for the next three weeks effective next Monday, March 16, 2020. The Academy will have school on Friday, March 13, 2020 and we will provide additional information regarding the closure during the day Friday.

We know right now it is a time of great uncertainty and we are working daily to adjust to the changing context and information about COVID-19. As we do, our focus is on our students, faculty, and staff – and their health and safety.

Hello Middle School Students & Parents,

I am sure that most of you have heard the news today. Schools in Michigan will be closed for in-person class for the remainder of the school year. Please know that it's ok to feel a lot of emotions about this right now, we sure do. 

We have been getting a lot of questions from students and parents about next steps, but we have been waiting to get the official word before rolling everything out. We have been working behind the scenes and are ready for you. :)

Phase I - Packets

Quick reminder that the student packets that were picked up or mailed home covered work for 3 weeks, which is through this Friday, April 3rd. So, please make sure you are working through those materials and finishing up by the end of this week. 

Phase II - Google Classroom

In the last two weeks, the middle school teachers spent a lot of time watching videos, attending webinars and having Google Hangouts to start preparing to welcome students to our online classrooms. Each teacher is getting their Google Classroom set up and is ready to have the students join.  Log in to the student's Google account and then go to to connect. 

  • Google Classroom Process
    • Teachers will invite students to each (math, science, social studies and ELA) of their Google Classrooms. Currently, the notification are being blocked by the filters on the students accounts (we are working on this) so students will not get the invite in their email account.  Students will need to go to and from here they will see their class invites
    • The students will click on the invite and it will take add them to their Google Classroom. Each student will have one Google Classroom associated with their account, but will be enrolled in several classes within that site. 
    • For classes that already have a Google Classroom from this year, you will get a new invite for the online class. 
    • If you would like to see what your student is working on, parents may log into Google classroom with their student or with their student's account information.
    • Teachers will post videos, assignments, materials, etc for each week on Monday. Some materials will be for reference and some will be actual assignments with due dates.
    • Each teacher will also have office hours (schedule is coming out soon) where students can join their classmates and teacher in a Google Hangout to get questions answered and connect as a class.
    • Each week each subject area will have at least one item (quiz, assignment, etc) that will be "due". Many of the materials we are providing will not be turned in directly but just used for learning, so the assigned tasks are the way that we will be keeping track of participation. Grading will not be traditional, so just be sure to complete the assigned tasks in Google Classroom.


  • March 16 - April 3
    • Packet work
  • April 6 - 10
    • Spring Break (Relax, enjoy some family time and some fun activities)
    • There will be a few things posted in Google Classroom to start connecting, but no new learning
    • Make sure you have connected with all of your classes on Google Classroom and play around with it
  • April 13 - 17
    • New learning starts
    • Materials posted on Mondays
    • Scheduled office hours for questions
    • Everything you need will be in the Google Classroom

Connecting with Teachers and Other Students

Now that the students have their devices (let us know if you are still in need) we wanted to talk about expectations. We are excited to connect with you, but please:

  • Do not use Google Hangouts to chat/call your teacher
    • Teachers will schedule Google Hangouts with their classes, but please do not send messages at all hours of the night to try to chat :)
  • Email questions or send a message through Google Classroom.
  • Wait patiently for a reply, especially during non-school hours.
    • We will try to get back with you as soon as we can, but remember many of us are at home with kids too, so we might need a bit to get back with you. 
  • Check Google Classroom and student emails at least once a day (Monday-Friday) to make sure you are keeping caught up with your class. Make this part of your routine each school day.

We know this is going to take some getting used to, but we are just learning it all too, so we know how you feel. We will do our best to send out videos and information about how to use everything, but from what we've found, just get into Google Classroom and look around, it's pretty intuitive. 

See you in (virtual) class soon!

~Mrs. Hobeck, Mr. Bretz, Mr. Langholz, Mrs. Nieboer, Mrs. Vroegop, Mrs. Lillibridge and Mr. Ottenbaker