Staff Directory


Early Elementary

  • Julia Chicoine Transitional Kindergarten Teacher (616) 844-9961 x201
  • Trisha Larsen Kindergarten Teacher (616) 844-9961 x200
  • Jenn Wilthof Kindergarten Teacher (616) 844-9961 x202

    Teaching kindergarten is my passion! Being a early childhood educator is so important and such an honor. As a kindergarten teacher I am often one of the first educators to enhance and instill the love of learning in young children.

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  • Staci Brown 1st Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x205

    My favorite part of teaching is to see the excitement and pride in a child when they finally "get it"! 

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  • Georgeanne Green 1st Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961
  • Kendra Oele 2nd Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x102

    My favorite part of teaching is watching my students grow with their reading and finding a love for it.  :)

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Middle Elementary

  • Stephanie Berg 2nd Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x105

    My favorite part about teaching is building a relationship with each child and getting to see them reach their goals!

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  • Jordan Zubrickas 2nd Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x103

    I love the energy and imagination that each child brings to each moment and new experience in the classroom.

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  • Michelle Brydon 3rd Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x106

    I love seeing light bulbs come on when students get the concepts I have been teaching.

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  • Kendra Streng 3rd Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x104

Upper Elementary

  • Christie Boeve 4th Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x404
  • Mary Trask 4th Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x402

    My favorite part of teaching is getting to know a variety of children and helping them reach their full potential.

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  • Jason Cooke 5th Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x407
  • Kate Lynch 5th Grade Teacher (616) 844-9961 x406

Middle School

  • Jeff Bretz Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x607

    My favorite part of teaching is when I get to see all of the "ah ha" moments of my students.  I is the best thing when you know they finally have put the pieces together and it finally makes sense.

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  • Rachael Hobeck Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x605

    I love to see when a difficult topic suddenly clicks for my students. It totally makes all the hard work worth it!

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  • Ben Langholz Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x603

    My favorite part of teaching is guiding students through their learning experience.

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  • Jamie Lillibridge Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x303

    I love being able to share my passion for math with my students every day!

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  • Marilyn Nieboer Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x601

    The middle school students are my favorite part of teaching. They provide the energy and the purpose for what I do. Their future success is my priority.

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  • Derek Ottenbaker Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x403

    My favorite part of teaching is helping students become in charge of their own learning.

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  • Alison Vroegop Middle School Teacher (616) 844-9961 x304

    My favorite part of teaching is getting to know students and watch them grow in their understanding of challenging topics. I love seeing their eyes light up when something finally makes sense.

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  • Mandy DeBoer Drama Teacher (616) 844-9961 x503

    I love sharing two of my passions, theatre and education. Getting to teach students through the integration of academics and theatre is amazing. And to top that all off, I get to help students to find their confidence and have a strong sense of who they are, so they can be successful in all that they do.

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  • Danielle Oster Dance Teacher (616) 844-9961 x505
  • Heather Minnebo Visual Art Teacher (616) 844-9961 x401
  • Adam Weber Band Teacher (616) 844-9961 x504

    My favorite part of teaching is seeing students progress from learning how to play an instrument into gaining ability and confidence into becoming competent musicians.

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  • Justin Auten Music Teacher (616) 844-9961 x501

    My favorite part of teaching is developing lifelong relationships with students and sharing my love of music with them.

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Special Services

  • Beverly VanDyke Special Education Director (616) 844-9961 x115
  • Diane Cromwell Social Worker (616) 844-9961 x502
  • Ashley Vlasak Secondary Resource Room (616) 844-9961 x206

    I enjoy my job as a Middle School Resource Teacher, because I love helping my students reach their individualized goals! 

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  • MaryAnn Dykstra Elementary Resource Room (616) 844-9961 x204

    My favorite part of teaching is when a student attains all of their goals and "graduates" from my program.

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  • Sarah Bruhn Speech Pathologist (616) 844-9961 x500
  • Heather Smith Paraprofessional (616) 844-9961 x108
  • Kathleen Karpin Title I Teacher (616) 844-9961 x207

    I love teaching learners and being part of the their educational journey.

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  • Ashley Johnson Interventionist (616) 844-9961 x405 Read More
  • Katie Van Singel Literacy Coach (616) 844-9961 x107

    My favorite part of teaching is getting to know the students and building relationships with them.

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  • Lisa Emmert ELL Teacher (616) 844-9961 x302